David and Goliath?

The Play by Play

Big Meet Small

With the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros both advancing to the ALCS (American League Championship Series), two of the league’s best hitters are set to meet. And while both are good with a bat, they could not be more different. Aaron Judge, rookie outfielder for the Yankees stands at six feet seven inches, weighing 282 pounds. José Altuve, the Astros second baseman, comes in at 5’ 6” and 165 pounds. Pictures are comical but their skill is certainly no laughing matter. Both are candidates for the American League MVP award, with Judge grabbing headlines for the quantity (51) and distance (495 feet) of his home runs and Altuve for his consistency ( a 0.346 batting average and 204 hits).  The Astros took Game 1 but it should be quite a series.

No Script? No Problem.

Marshawn Lynch, the master of media, now has his own reality TV show. Called No Script, Marshawn is set to do and say pretty much whatever he wants, which I suppose is no different than usual. Facebook forked over millions for the show, in an attempt to increase viewership and advertising on Watch, their streaming service.

The Faces and Facts

Adrian Peterson (Football): One of the best running backs of all time and recent addition to the Arizona Cardinals roster. The New Orleans Saints traded A.P earlier this week in exchange for a 2018 draft pick, putting an end to any future, and undeniably adorable, father-son coaching moments between Peterson, Drew Brees (Saints’ Quarterback) and their boys. Just know you aren’t seeing double when a Peterson jersey also appears on Arizona’s defense. That would be Patrick Peterson, the all-Pro cornerback, and of no relation to Adrian.

Roger Goodell (Football): The commissioner of the NFL a.k.a the boss. He came out with a statement earlier this week encouraging players to stand during the national anthem, believing that no progress can be made if players alienate some of the fanbase by kneeling. There is no set anthem-related proposal for NFL owners to vote on but Goodell made his stance quite clear.

Rally cap (Baseball): If you caught the Cubs v. Nationals Game 5, you may have noticed fans rocking some interesting hats. These are known as rally caps. When your team is behind and time is running out, you flip your baseball hat inside out and put it back on your head. It’s a sign of solidarity and inspiration, belief that your team can “rally” from behind to win the game. Unfortunately for the Nationals, it didn’t quite pan out, and they still have yet to win a postseason series. Ever.

The UpComing

Jacksonville Jaguars v. Los Angeles Rams: Sunday, October 15th 4pm EST. If you asked anyone last year who’d be playing in the NFL’s game of the week this Sunday, absolutely no one would have picked these two teams. Both the Jaguars and the Rams have struggled in recent years, which makes these first five games of 2017 quite a surprising turn of events. Each team boasts an explosive running back – Fournette of the Jaguars (who was clocked reaching a speed of 22 mph during last week’s game) and Todd Gurley of the Rams, averaging 81 yards a game- and it should make for an exciting matchup.  

Chicago Cubs v. Los Angeles Dodgers: The final two teams in the National League are set to meet Saturday at 8pm. The Chicago Cubs needed five games to beat the Nationals so they won’t be quite as well rested as the Dodgers, who swept the Diamondbacks in 3. With Clayton Kershaw on the mound for the Dodgers, the Cubs will certainly have to work for every hit.

The Weekend Social Hour

With Halloween two weeks away, it’s time to start putting your costume together. If you’re hoping to impress, opt for one of these sports related ideas. Some are relevant to today’s news while others are timeless classics.

And if you are looking for some levity this weekend, check out Bad Lip Reading’s NFL 2017 Edition. My favorite is from a few years back.  

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