Sports. You know what they are. You’ve caught a few highlights or watched entire games. You’ve gone to a game or two and enjoyed the atmosphere and rivalry. Perhaps you’ve even played intramural, recreationally or competitively. Yet, you’re constantly left wondering who that athlete is your friend keeps talking about or why there seems to be a whistle every thirty seconds in football. When on a date or home for the holidays your sibling, parent, spouse, friend or significant other starts talking about so-and-so achieving some feat that you’ve never heard. It’s as though that person is speaking a foreign language. The statistics, the players, the trades, the minute-by-minute analysis. It goes in one ear and out the other. 

You want to engage, you really do. You’re desperate to understand and converse, to find common ground with that important individual in your life. But you aren’t sure where to even begin, afterall there are four professional sports and then countless others. The idea of knowing a fact about one of them let alone all of them is unbelievably daunting.

That’s where InBounds comes into play (with its fair share of sports puns). We’ll cover the must-knows from the NFL, NHL, MLB and NHL, with a smattering of know-how from tennis, golf, and NCAA. With weekly posts, we want to get you into the conversation, covering the most newsworthy events in sports so that you can casually drop the score of the game or the MVP of the league. We’re giving you not only the big talking points but also historical references and referee calls, to make actually watching the game easier to follow. Our biggest hope is that by learning about sports, you’ll learn to love them as much as we do, and hold your own in any conversation at any water cooler, living room or bar!

Let’s bring sports, something that feels so far outside your comfort zone, into your boundaries of familiarity. InBound. 

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