Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

The Play by Play The "Swag-Olympics"  The big hits weren't the only thing to celebrate this past weekend, as the MLB (Major League Baseball) hosted its first ever Players Weekend. In collaboration with the players union, it gave fans the opportunity to connect with their teams and get a glimpse into who these major leaguers really... Continue Reading →

Game Time!

                                                                                           TheNeedToKnow Trade of the Year Think back to trading your sparkly slammer for Lucy’s 8 newest pogs, yet millions of dollars are involved. The other day, Kyrie Irving (the 2nd in command for the Cleveland Cavaliers) was traded to the Celtics, in exchange for Isaiah Thomas (Celtics all-star whose sister tragically died in a car accident during last year’s play-offs), a few other lesser known players and a draft pick. It’s the first time in NBA history that two players who routinely score more than 25 points a game (that’s a lot if you consider most games end with a team scoring between 80-100 points) have been swapped.

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