Two Down. One To Go.

The Play by Play Two Down. One To Go. Amidst heavy fog, a horse and his jockey came one step closer to the sport's ultimate prize. Despite a late surge by Bravazo, who came in second, Justify staved off the competition to win the Preakness Stakes on Saturday. He’s only the twenty fourth horse to... Continue Reading →

Twins Takeover

The Play by Play The Broncos Rebuild Just over a month after a tragic bus accident, in which 16 of the 29 passengers died, the Humboldt Broncos announced they will participate in the 2018-2019 Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League. To rebuild their roster, the team plans to host 80 prospective players, by invitation only, at a... Continue Reading →

The Boston Licker

The Play by Play The Boston Licker Brad Marchand, a winger for the Boston Bruins, struck again during Game 4 against the Tampa Bay Lightning. No, he did not score the game-winning goal or any goal at all. Rather, Marchand got caught licking, yes licking, an opposing player again. This questionable behavior all started when... Continue Reading →

Draft Days

The Play by Play Draft Days Over the weekend the NFL held its annual draft, four days during which the thirty-two professional teams select the best college players to join their ranks. Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma’s quarterback and this year’s Heisman Trophy winner, went to the Cleveland Brown as the number one pick. While clearly talented,... Continue Reading →

A Cheerless Cheerleader

The Play by Play The Cheerless Cheerleader Reality In recent weeks much has come to light about the life of, and restrictions faced by, professional cheerleaders. Last month Bailey Davis, a former dancer for the Saintsations cheerleading squad (affiliated with the New Orleans Saints professional football team), first brought attention to the issue when she... Continue Reading →

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The Play by Play Baseball Brawl Last week one of baseball’s greatest rivalries (think back to the Yankees suck t-shirts or the come from behind Sox’ 2004 ALCS victory) was reignited when a bench-clearing brawl broke out between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. Boston’s pitcher Joe Kelly purposefully hit Yankee batter Tyler... Continue Reading →

The Men of the Masters

The Play by Play Ryder Cup Rematch This past weekend golf enthusiasts, or perhaps those looking to take an excellent nap (there’s just something about the tone of the entire broadcast that causes eyelids to droop), tuned in to watch the 82nd Masters Tournament. Familiar faces graced the leaderboard during the four day tournament. However,... Continue Reading →

V for Victory!

The Play by Play Victorious Villanova For the second time in three years (University of North Carolina - eliminated in the second round this season  - won in 2017) Villanova reigns as the NCAA basketball champion. Despite a tournament of upsets and the unpredictable, the Wildcats stayed the course and emerged victorious. Behind the unexpected... Continue Reading →

Sister Jean Steals the Show

The Play by Play It’s the Final Countdown Having started with 64 teams in mid-March, the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament is now down to it’s final four teams (known to many, fittingly, as the Final Four). The University of Kansas Jayhawks are set to play the Villanova Wildcats while the Loyola University Chicago Ramblers face... Continue Reading →

Shaquem the Dream

Play by Play When One Sport Just Isn’t Enough As we sit and watch the impressively athletic displays put forth on television or in person, we think to ourselves Wow, the amount of skill it takes to be a professional athlete is amazing. Now imagine attempting to play professionally in not just one but two... Continue Reading →

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