No Kneeling in Football

The Play by Play No Kneeling in Football On Wednesday, NFL owners decided unanimously (with one abstention from the owner of the 49ers) on a new national anthem policy. It requires that all players and team personnel on the field stand during the singing of the anthem, with an option to remain in the locker... Continue Reading →

Sister Jean Steals the Show

The Play by Play It’s the Final Countdown Having started with 64 teams in mid-March, the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament is now down to it’s final four teams (known to many, fittingly, as the Final Four). The University of Kansas Jayhawks are set to play the Villanova Wildcats while the Loyola University Chicago Ramblers face... Continue Reading →

The Portis Punch

The Play by Play #MeToo in Sports Following the Harvey Weinstein story, actress Alyssa Milano took to twitter encouraging those who have been victims of sexual harassment or assault to tweet #MeToo, to “give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.” The responses poured out, including posts from numerous well-known actresses. And on... Continue Reading →

The Bromance is Back

The Play by Play  Let’s Play Hockey There are now three, that’s right, three professional sports seasons happening concurrently, as hockey (known as the NHL- not to be confused with the NFL) skates onto television and into our lives on Wednesday, October 4th. The Pittsburgh Penguins, last year’s Stanley Cup Champions, face off (gotta love... Continue Reading →

When Sports Reflect Life

The Play by Play The Weather Woes Worsens Only a few days after Harvey swept through Texas, Hurricane Irma has set it sights on Florida (and possibly Georgia and the Carolinas). As one of, if not the, largest storms in history, the southern states and cities prepare for the worst. Because neither home turf can... Continue Reading →

Game Time!

                                                                                           TheNeedToKnow Trade of the Year Think back to trading your sparkly slammer for Lucy’s 8 newest pogs, yet millions of dollars are involved. The other day, Kyrie Irving (the 2nd in command for the Cleveland Cavaliers) was traded to the Celtics, in exchange for Isaiah Thomas (Celtics all-star whose sister tragically died in a car accident during last year’s play-offs), a few other lesser known players and a draft pick. It’s the first time in NBA history that two players who routinely score more than 25 points a game (that’s a lot if you consider most games end with a team scoring between 80-100 points) have been swapped.

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